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Residential Carpet Cleaning


We solely clean our clients residences with Green and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and techniques. What’s our method? We have carefully selected the best Green cleaning solutions on the market today. Not only are they safer for the health of you and your loved ones, they’re also powerful enough to get your carpet clean! We’ve also invested in electric Mytee Speedster portable steam cleaning equipment.  This system can still deliver full steam cleaning while being much safer for the environment than emission heavy truck mounted systems.


Hot water extraction (or "steam cleaning" as it is more commonly refered) is the method recommended for residential carpet cleaning by carpet manufacturers. This will successfully remove dust, dirt, grime, bacteria and allergens from your carpet. At Royal Cleaning Services, this is the method we use in your home. It is recommended to do this between every six months to a year, depending on the amount of use and your manufacturer’s warranty.


Carpeting your home is a major investment. Maintaining the health of your flooring is much more cost effective than periodically replacing it. Nothing has the ability to add or detract from a home quite like the condition of carpet. And nothing destroys carpet quite like unseen dust, dirt, and grime. Often people do not clean their carpet until it appears “dirty”. However by this point the fibers of the carpet have already been damaged. These polutants become abrasive to carpet long before damage is seen by the naked eye.


Most of all, carpet should be cleaned for the health of ourselves and our loved ones. Unseen bacteria are regularly tracked in on carpet. From the street, the ground outside, pets or the restroom.


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